The Blue-Green Kestrel

Another technical update, this time around the hosting and deployment models

I've had some issues keeping the IIS application pool active for extended periods of time, probably something to do with running on pre-release software, but I figured I'd take it as an opportunity to switch to Kestrel, the web server that's part of the ASP.NET v5 project.

IIS is now simply acting as a reverse-proxy, passing requests and responses to and from kestrel, much the way that nginx is used as a Docker front-end.

I've also switched to a blue-green deployment pattern to eliminate downtime during upgrades.

Not that I've got the visitor volume that would notice short outages, it's more that these are the things I would love to do as part of my day job, but can't.

Still on my to-do list is to create a service to make sure kestrel stays up, and restart it if it fails.

I'm also planning on moving my codebase to a public GitHub repo, once I confirm there is no sensitive information from the commit history.

So stay tuned, I'll be starting to share technical details, from code to architecture, at all levels of the stack, as things start to settle!