With more than a decade of full-stack experience spanning a broad range of languages, platforms, and frameworks, I can help with just about any part of your software needs.

Here are some of my specialties:

Application Development

Well-crafted software is essential for any modern business to operate efficiently. Whether customer-facing or back-office, users want a smooth workflow that lets them do what they need to, quickly and effectively.

Whether building something new from the ground up, or extending an existing product or platform, my extensive experience across industries and technologies will help us create successful solutions together!

Performance Optimization

Performance is paramount. Studies show that faster apps and sites have happier users and higher conversion rates. Algorithmic complexity, network latency, data indexing, and a host of other issues can plague an application's performance.

I can help you dig up and resolve troublesome bottlenecks, sub-optimal algorithms, or legacy patterns that have superior alternatives. You might even be able to save some costs on hosting in the process!

Legacy Code Remodeling

As companies' services evolve, the code that supports them needs to evolve as well, to continue to match businesses' needs. Unfortunately, certain types of maintenance aren't always prioritized in the midst of new feature development and bug fixes. Eventually, the code becomes more expensive to maintain and more dangerous to change.

But it doesn't have to! There are many ways that legacy code can be safely modernized, all while keeping your production systems up and running. Remodeling a legacy codebase will increase maintainability while decreasing the cost of ownership. Let me help show you how!

Database Design

An often-overlooked part of an application's architecture is that of the underlying data structures. Proper normalization and effective indexing can make or break an application's performance, or the performance of the team building it.

Creating an efficient data model, as well as a well-functioning abstraction layer is critical to a codebase's overall longevity. From single-table micro-sites to enterprise systems with millions of objects, I've got your database needs covered!

System Administration

It's pretty rare these days for a developer to be so versed on the operations side of things, but I truly believe that this sort of crossover is what's at the heart of DevOps.

Automation is the name of the game -- let's build a robust infrastructure that reduces both costs and risks!

Training / Mentoring

I can help your existing team get up to speed on modern development paradigms and best practices, both from a technical architecture perspective, as well as looking at your SDLC processes.

From SOLID principles and automated testing to continuous integration and delivery, maximizing a team's effectiveness and reducing time to production while at the same time minimizing defects has a great return on investment!